My Privilege is Showing

#YourPrivilegeIsShowing. White privilege. You don’t know because you haven’t struggled. Not everyone has an easy life.


You don’t know my struggles. Just because I don’t go on whining about my obstacles and I’ve actually made a decent life for myself and don’t wallow in my own self-pity doesn’t mean my privilege is showing. It means I’m a big kid now.

Guess what?

  1. I grew up with a schizophrenic sister. She beat on my parents. Sometimes she would leave and not come back for years, only to return, have a breakdown, and leave again.
  2. My home was full of anger for all of my childhood.
  3. Neither of my parents graduated high school. They worked their fingers to the bone to feed us. I remember crying because I didn’t think I had a Daddy anymore.
  4. I was sexually assaulted as a 7 year old and again as a 17 year old.
  5. I lost my hearing from a brain tumor.
  6. My husband is a recovering alcoholic who went to jail for locking me and my baby out of the house on a very cold spring night.

Just because I believe in Capitalism, Conservatism, and the right every human has to life does not mean my ‘Privilege is Showing’.

Fck off. Don’t tell me what I need to be offended by in order to fit in with your liberal-crazy.

Let me pick my own fights.


A¬†woman of ‘privilege’